Androlic 50mg British Dispensary Review

If the aim is to gain muscle mass at faster rate, then Androlic 50 mg is the best choice. This steroid is popular because it can result in extremely great results in short span of time. But one thing should user remember is it also comes with high risk of negative effects as well. Androlic cycle produces rapid results.


This is nothing but a synthetic male hormone. Oxymetholone is the generic name for Androlic and it is an androgenic anabolic steroid. This is used to build muscle mass. This steroid is also recommended for anemia and osteoporosis as well. This is mostly used in the treatment of anemia which is resulted from chemotherapy.

Androlic 50 mg is considered as one among the very powerful steroids available in the market today. When it comes to gaining muscle mass this steroid is really effective and it also boosts protein synthesis in the body. The other reason behind effectiveness of this steroid is it can improve erythropoietin amount in the body. This hormone is responsible for production of red blood cells.

Dosage instructions:

Since there is possibility that this steroid may result in nausea, it is better to take this along with milk or food. It should not be taken on an empty stomach. It is better to follow this every day around same time if possible. Similar to other steroids, even this takes some time to build up. That is why it is normal if one does not see the results soon after the dosage started.

Sometimes it takes months to produce the results. There is a chance that Androlic 50 may react with few medications like oral insulin. It may also react with other diabetic medications. Some cases it has even interacted with blood thinners as well. One more thing that user should remember is they should avoid high sodium diet when taking this steroid. Pregnant women should avoid taking Androlic 50. There is less information about its effects on nursing mother as well. So even they should avoid this steroid. Androlic cycle produces rapid results.

Androlic 50 is available in 50 mg capsules and tablets. But is the requirement is 25 mg or 75 mg then user can cut the tablet and use it as appropriate. 50 mg starting dose is the recommended dose for bodybuilders. Before starting the dosage and before increasing the dose one must consult the physician.

It is better to take Androlic 50 in a well designed cycle.

Androlic cycle:

Following is the information about Androlic 50 cycle when taken alone.

  • One should start with the dose of half the 50 mg tablet every day
  • After 2-3 weeks, user should asses the tolerance and effects of the steroid.
  • If the user has observed significant changes then he can continue the same dosage.
  • If not then can increase the dose to 5 0 mg a day. This can be continued for two more weeks.

User can also stack this steroid with other steroids like Dianabol, Trenbolone, Nandrolone, and testosterone. These stacks will aid in muscle mass.